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Our Approach

The main pillars of our approach are: quality, perseverance and the power of a supportive environment.

As parents, we believed in our kids’ potential to excel in Math; we strived to empower and help them in achieving it – and it proved successful! We will apply the same approach with our students, and are convinced it will also prove successful!

By combining the insights that we have gained as parents in more than 24 years of school parenting in Canada, with the wisdom and competence of our highly experienced professors, with students’ parents support and mostly, with students’ commitment and dedication, we are all set to achieve excellent results.

  • LOGIMIX is an after-hours Math school, currently open to students from Grade 1 to Grade 12
  • LOGIMIX program is based on Ontario Curriculum, and going above and beyond, to Math competitive levels
  • LOGIMIX teaching materials were judiciously planned and prepared by OCT certified teachers, with a wealth of experience in teaching Math (Academic, Enriched, Gifted, IB, AP classes) in Canada and abroad, passionate about Math and being a Math educator
  • The classes will also be run by certified Math teachers, familiar with both the Ontario curriculum and the stringent Canadian and international university admission requirements
  • We foster collaboration and promote an engaging learning environment – as school, parents, students and LOGIMIX go hand in hand for achieving the goals
  • Students are gradually exposed to above class average difficulty level, including challenging sets of problems and competition level practice
  • While teaching the underlying concepts, we also provide plenty of opportunities for practicing

What parents say

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“The only way to LEARN Mathematics is to DO Mathematics”