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  • Review the Promotions calculation in the Shopping Cart and check if you qualify for any discount. For any questions, please contact LOGIMIX office ( or 1-855-564-4649)
  • Send the payment using Interac e-Transfer at for the registration fee and all the courses the student enrolls in

    • This account is set with Autodeposit, so please do not submit any questions and passwords
    • If you have difficulties sending an e-Transfer, please read How to make an e-Transfer Payment
    • Only if you cannot send e-Transfers, as an alterate method, send Post-dated cheques addressed to: Doina Brestoiu – LOGIMIX. The date when LOGIMIX receives the cheque will be considered as the effective date of payment
  • Pay with Credit Card or Debit Card using Express Checkout button below (transaction fee applies)
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