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Why should school students attend an after-school Math program?

Generally, the level of Math in schools is tailored to the average class level, which covers the basic knowledge. But considering the disruptions with school trips, substitute teachers, school bus cancellations due to weather conditions, or even flu epidemics, one may realize that a lot of students are well below the desired level, and their accumulated knowledge gaps will increase over time.

Is LOGIMIX also going to help with my school grades?

Yes. By following the Ontario curriculum and going above it, LOGIMIX is designed to improve student’s Math concepts and close the knowledge gaps, resulting in higher school grades.

When is a good time to start attending the LOGIMIX program?

Normally, it’s in September, at the beginning of each school year. The class materials are structured to cover a full academic year. However, the registration process starts in April and the number of places is limited.

Considering the current pandemic situation, are you able to provide online classes?

Yes. We are following the Ministry of Education guidelines regarding the technology and the devices for online learning. Please check the Courses page for additional information regarding the available classes, hours and the registration process.

Can LOGIMIX prepare me for University?

Yes. As you probably know, there is a big difference between the Math level taught in High School and the one in most of the technical Universities. To assist our students with a smoother transition to University, the structure of the LOGIMIX materials for grades 9 to 12 was enhanced to go above the required curriculum, as a result of the experience our teachers have with AP courses.

Are you offering other subjects than Math?

We are looking into partnerships to bring Chess classes and Robotics classes, knowing that Chess can improve memory, problem-solving skills and, based on the results from some studies, can even raise your IQ and that technology is everywhere around us. We might also offer something for the parents, as they are waiting for their children. We intend to bring guest speakers for one-hour sessions on subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Finance, Project Management or other on-demand topics.

How many children are in a LOGIMIX class?

The size of the classes is small, with less than 10 students per class.

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