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Doina Brestoiu – Principal
Doina Brestoiu
PMI #: 1540660

Doina is passionate about education and personal development. Her genuine desire to help all students improve and excel in Math and Chess led her to envision and start planning the LOGIMIX ‘project’. As the founder of LOGIMIX afterschool program, Doina strives to assist students in mastering their logical reasoning skills, as these are increasingly vital in most in-demand careers, and essential in life.

Doina has graduated Mathematics at the University of Bucharest, has done advanced business studies acquiring the MBA degree from University of Toronto and holds the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation from Project Management Institute. As a former chess player holding the Women FIDE Master title, or as a chess trainer, she participated in numerous competitions mostly in Romania, but also in Canada and some European countries. In her professional life as a Business Consultant, Business Analyst or Project Lead, she played instrumental roles in the successful completion of numerous projects mostly in the financial industry, in business, technology or the interface between these two.

In her personal life, she is the mother of two young men who study Computer and Financial Management at the prestigious University of Waterloo. Doina still loves playing chess, other logical and strategic games, and also solving puzzles. She enjoys reading good books in the area of psychology, brain functionality, leadership and positive thinking. She enjoys dancing and outdoor activities.

Doina and her husband, who leads the IT side of LOGIMIX, have partnered with a team of top-notch teachers, whose combined experiences span several good decades of teaching Math, Science, Physics and Chemistry at all levels, in elementary, high schools and even universities. Together they developed the framework, created teaching materials for Math and now deliver on providing quality Math, Physics and Chemistry teaching to help next generations of students get well prepared for university admissions, as well as future life endeavours!

Mariana Gavriliu – Teacher
Mariana Gavriliu
OCT #: 571773

Mariana obtained her Chemical Engineering degree at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, while living in Romania. After immigrating to Canada in 1989, she obtained an M.Eng. Degree (1994), and B.Ed. degree (2009), both at the University of Toronto.

Mariana built her first professional career in the chemical industry field, working for more than 25 years as a chemical engineer and research chemist in Romania and, respectively, Canada. After obtaining her B.Ed. degree, she started her second career as a teacher in DDSB in 2009, being certified for high school math, science and French. She currently teaches academic and gifted math at Pickering High School in Ajax, Ontario, enjoying every second of it!

In her school, Mariana is part of the team that organizes and runs the math contests (CNML, Pascal, Cayley, Fermat, Fryer, Hypatia, Galois and Euclid contests, DDSB Math Challenge), participating also in the marking team at University of Waterloo. As a UofT Faculty of Chemical Engineering Alumna, four years ago she was coopted in the UofT team that assesses applications of students applying to UofT engineering. This experience offered her a statistically larger view of the Canadian and international STEM education systems, and showed her the importance of stepping up the classroom instruction and requirements, in order to make her students best prepared for the challenges of post-secondary education.

Mariana’s personal interests are photography & visual arts, taiko drumming, world philosophy, and jazz. She was part of Toronto’s School of Philosophy for several years, volunteered at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, ON, and organized numerous jazz concerts for her community of friends. For more than 10 years, she studies taiko drumming at the Nagata Shachu school in Toronto, planning to continue this activity for as long as she will be physically able to do it. Through the years, Mariana initiated and organized a welcoming group for new Romanian immigrants, enthusiastically assisting newcomers to settle in Canada, and providing them with on-going guidance, counselling and support. Mariana has two children.

Simona Matei – Teacher
Simona Matei
OCT #: 475255

Simona obtained her B.Sc. with Honours in Mathematics and Physics and a specialization in Computer Science at the “Transylvania” University of Brasov, Romania. After moving to Canada in 2002, she obtained her B.Ed. degree (2004) at York University.

Simona has been an enthusiastic mathematics teacher for her entire professional life. She believes strongly in high standards for all students and she applies them in her classroom. In her school, she enthusiastically promotes mathematics contests for all students. Simona involved all her mathematics students in the Canadian National Mathematics League and the University of Waterloo mathematics contests as part of the class routine. She also prepared and led teams of Central Peel Secondary School students at the Canadian Team Math Competition at the University of Waterloo. Simona also advised teams of students to design space settlement projects for a NASA competition; one of the projects was awarded the second place in the world, the only Canadian team to receive this recognition. The performance received ample media coverage.

Simona played an instrumental role in designing and developing the first Advanced Placement Program in Peel District School Board. The AP program is designed by the College Board, a U.S. education association focusing on post-secondary school readiness. It offers highly motivated high school students the opportunity to take challenging university-level courses while still in high school. She designed the vertical mathematics pre-AP and AP curriculum. As part of the vertical team, she taught successfully all pre-AP and AP mathematics courses offered at Central Peel Secondary School. She specialized in Calculus AP.

Simona is committed to life-long learning. She often shares her knowledge and expertise with her fellow peers. She delivered numerous Ontario Association for Mathematics Education (OAME) presentations on current topics of interest in teaching mathematics such as flipping the classroom approach, the importance of making connections in mathematics, summative activities that connect mathematics to the real world, and new approaches in Advanced Functions. She also co-presented at the St. Clement’s AP Summer Institute, the designing and implementing of the first PDSB AP Program.

Simona’s personal interests include travelling and outdoor activities such as mountain biking, skiing, and hiking.

Katarina Hlavnicka – Teacher
Katarina Hlavnicka
OCT #: 456128

Katarina obtained her Civil Engineering degree from the Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia. After moving to Canada she also earned her B.Ed. degree at York University.

Katarina is a warm and caring teacher who wants all her students to be successful learners and is fully committed to their academic growth, as well as to their social development. Throughout her career she has developed a variety of inspiring hands-on lessons that captured students’ interest and fueled their curiosity about Mathematics. In addition, Katarina encourages all of her students to rise to the higher standards in Mathematics by participating in Waterloo Math Contests.

Katarina considers herself to be a humanitarian and she demonstrated her love for teaching on a global scale by travelling and actively participating in teaching children in Uganda through the non-profit organization “Give International”.

Katarina has always strived to build students’ self-esteem, encouraged her students to set achievable goals, and helped them to develop tools and strategies needed to overcome obstacles in life.

Katarina is an avid skier, golfer, trekker, globe traveler and dog lover.

Homa Almasieh – Teacher
Homa Almasieh

Homa obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at Science and Research University of Tehran, Iran.

She has been teaching for more than 17 years and has authored over 20 peer-reviewed publications in mathematics, engineering and applied sciences. Her teaching experience includes 13 years being a faculty member of the University of Isfahan (Khorasgan) in Isfahan, Iran, where she was able to establish collaborative rapports with undergraduate students and supervise more than 20 graduate students in different subjects related to applied sciences. This diverse background gives her a power to engage herself in all mathematical matters.

After arriving in Canada, she pursued a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Ryerson University. She started teaching in Canada from 2014 and taught a variety of Math courses related to the Grade 9-12 curriculum in colleges and educational institutions.

Homa is very diligent, disciplined and patient. She loves her job and enjoys helping and teaching others. Her hobbies include travelling, exercising and watching TV. She has a daughter and loves to play with her at any hour of the day or night.

Dragos Spulber – Teacher
Dragos Spulber

Dragos is an experienced high school teacher, currently teaching Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at the Senior level in a prestigious private high school in Toronto, being also the organizer of the Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry contests in his school (like COMC, Euclid, Sir Isaac Newton, etc). He is successfully tutoring students in Mathematics and Sciences since 2010, mostly at the high school level.

He graduated from the University of Bucharest with the M.Sc. degree, having the highest marks of his Series.

After teaching for several years in Bucharest (for the last six years as a Science teacher at Michael the Brave, one of the most prestigious high schools in Romania), he moved to Toronto where he started to teach in January 2000. During all these years he taught all levels (especially final grades – 11 and 12) of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, both in French and English.

The main objectives of his career as an educator are to reveal to his students the beauty of Math, Physics and Chemistry, and to encourage them to discover the many bridges and logical connections between these subjects. He is always looking forward to guide new students and start working together to solve challenging problems.

His personal interests are martial arts, playing bridge, traveling, learning new languages and connecting with people of different cultures.

Monica Suciu – Teacher
Monica Suciu

Monica got her degree in Physics at the “Babes-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. After a couple of years as a high school teacher, she completed Post University Studies in Biophysics and Environmental Physics. For her thesis she worked on a numerous projects with the University of Gant, Belgium. After this, she started her university teaching career as a TA at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. All of these changed the direction when she, and her family, decided to immigrate to Canada where a new chapter begins.

After a few part-time teaching jobs as a high school Math teacher, she started teaching Math and Physics Course in Seneca College, at the School of Electronics and Computer Science. Here she had the opportunity to participate in a variety of PD courses that helped to brush up her computer and communication skills. A teaching practical course helps her to combine the practical skills and the theoretical skills, and enjoys passing it on to students. Also, she achieved the Adult Teaching Certificate that helped her greatly in teaching young adults. About the same time, she has started teaching a variety of Math and Physics classes at the Elite Educational Institute.

As an instructor, she is an active member of Math Forum, and a college team that guides young facilitators. As a mother of one, Monica volunteered at her child’s school, and she administered the Romanian Children’s Choir, from 2008-2010.

Personal interests include hiking, tennis, gardening and reading.

Shweta – Teacher
Shweta Kalia
OCT #: 701883

Shweta completed her Master in Mathematics and Bachelor in Education degrees from Panjab University, India. Despite getting a job offer from a renowned company like Accenture post her studies, she decided to pursue her academic and teaching interests instead. She started her career in teaching while living in India and taught several subjects including but not limited to Integrated Calculus, Statistical Analysis, Theory of Permutation and Advanced Calculus. She rendered her services as a Mathematics lecturer in a State University college and taught for over 10 years to more than 2000 graduate and Master students.

After immigrating to Canada, she started mentoring students at different Canadian tutoring institutions. She got her teaching license in Ontario and currently works as a high school teacher in Barrie, Ontario. Her natural inclination for teaching encourages her to learn more each day and she strongly believes that there is no age limit for learning as such. Shweta sees herself as a lifelong learner, and as a passionate teacher she gets a great sense of achievement in seeing each of her students develop and grow as an individual.

Shweta is blessed with a daughter who goes to high school and a son who goes to a French Immersion elementary school. Shweta’s personal interests include walking in the sunshine, cooking and connecting with people from different cultures.

Shannon Grist – Teacher
Shannon Grist
OCT #: 714957

Shannon worked as an Early Childhood Educator for the Upper Grand District School Board for 8 years. During this time, she obtained her Degree with Distinction in English Language and Literature at Queen’s University in Kingston. Upon completion, Shannon attended Niagara University in the Paraprofessional Program and earned Bachelor of Professional Studies from the College of Education.

She is currently working as a Grade 1 and Planning time teacher at Parkinson Centennial Public School. She teaches over two hundred students Literacy, Math, Social Studies, Music, and Dance. At her school she is part of the Maker Space program, Heart and Stroke Jump Rope for Heart Fundraising Campaign, and Safe Schools Initiative.

When she is not teaching, Shannon is raising her four kids on a 100-acre farm where she grows crops and raises over fifty cattle. She loves to run and competes yearly in 5Km and 10Km races.

Natalie Sylvestre – Teacher
Natalie Sylvestre
OCT #: 619531

Natalie obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2010 and Bachelor of Education degree in 2011, both from Laurentian University of Sudbury, Ontario. She has been an Ontario Certified Teacher since 2012.

Natalie speaks French as a first language and has experience teaching both French native speakers and second language learners. She is enthusiastic and eager to work with her students.

Natalie has many years of experience tutoring students in Grades K–6 in both French and English. Also she is currently teaching French immersion for Grades 3–6 in Guelph, Ontario. Natalie is hoping to leverage her experience with online teaching to implement diverse learning strategies and positively impact her students. This will ensure a motivating and modern learning experience for her students.

Natalie’s teaching style primarily focuses on interactive classroom activities designed to encourage active involvement while practicing French speech and vocabulary. These interactive activities include online games, interactive reading experiences, and listening activities.

Natalie also loves teaching Science. She currently teaches Grade 5 and 6 Science and has previously taught Science to students in Grades 1–4 as well. She hopes her students will love Science as much as she does!

Some of her personal hobbies include walking her dog, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Gurpreet Kaur – Teacher
Gurpreet Kaur

Gurpreet completed her Bachelor in Commerce degree in 2000 and her Master in Commerce and Business Administration degree in 2002. After graduating, she began her research and earned a Ph.D. with excellence in Economics and Business from the internationally recognized Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar, India. After successfully attaining her doctoral degree, she decided to continue her career as a teacher, and insisted on imparting knowledge to students despite offers from large-scale global corporations such as ICICI bank.

Academically, Gurpreet contributed to research papers published in numerous reputable national and international indexed journals and she has written books. Professionally, Gurpreet taught in India, on a national and international scale. In her 14 years of experience, she has taught more than 4000 students at the graduate and masters level, where her teaching style encouraged and captivated her students.

After immigrating to Canada, Gurpreet continued pursuing her passion of teaching in her work at the BITTS International Career College in Mississauga. She hopes to teach her students to love science and inspire young learners to be enthusiastic and keen scientists because she intimately understands just how interesting science can be! Gurpreets’ passion and great listening skills are clearly reflected in the high quality of her work. She is a patient and dedicated teacher who loves performing with excellence.

Outside of her career, Gurpreet is the proud mother of two amazingly talented daughters, who study Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Toronto. She loves travelling, hiking, swimming, reading, listening to music, and spending quality time with the people she loves.

Dorel Pop – Teacher
Dorel Pop

Dorel obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree at “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, Romania. After graduating with high marks, he started his professional career as a Mechanical R&D engineer. Then, he commenced his university teaching career as a Teaching Assistant at his alma mater. A few years later, Dorel obtained his Ph.D. in Material Science and Engineering and continued his teaching activity for more than 15 years. All these years, he conducted and coordinated undergraduate student projects in Applied Science and Engineering.

In parallel with his university teaching, and being very passionate about Physics and Mathematics, Dorel performed tutoring for grade 5–8 students. As a dedicated and competent teacher who wants to help his students reach their full potential, he is also teaching high school students guiding them to obtain outstanding levels of competence in Physics and Mathematics.

Dorel’s personal interests include traveling around the world and making contact with different cultures, fishing, hiking, reading, watching Sci-Fi movies and also playing chess and logical games. He has a daughter who graduated from University of Toronto and, as part of his family, a beautiful Birman cat named Lady.

Elena Bochis – Teacher
Elena Bochis

Ever since she discovered numbers, Elena has been a Math enthusiast.

Her love, passion, and work that she put into the subject throughout her school years enabled her to graduate at the “Babes-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania with a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science. After graduation, she started to work as an elementary school math teacher until 1996 when she immigrated to Canada, and since then she has been working as a computer programmer.

After their son approached school years, she dedicated a lot of time to his education, especially tutoring him in mathematics. Stepping up the classroom instruction and requirements with her son enabled him to be an honors student and always a math award recipient at his school. Besides school successes, under her guidance and preparation, he successfully wrote math contests every year: Mathematica (Thales, Byron-Germain, Fibonacci, Pythagoras, Euler, Lagrange, Newton), CNML, Mathematical Olympiads, Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge, CEMC (Gauss, Pascal, Cayley, Fryer, Galois), Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest, Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest, Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest being either: honor roll, gold medal, Canada bronze medal, certificate of distinction, certificate of merit, or Best in Central Ontario gold award recipient. She believes that practice, dedication, and stepping up prepare students for the challenges of elementary, secondary and post-secondary education.

Walking in the sun, hiking through the forest, gardening in their backyard, or unwinding at the end of the day at the yoga studio are Elena’s ways to keep active, healthy, and enthusiastic.

Thuvaaraga Ranjanathan – Teacher
Thuvaaraga Ranjanathan

Thuvaa is obtaining her degree in Mathematics for Education from York University in Toronto.

She has five years of experience tutoring students in Grades 1–9 and has taught various subjects including Mathematics, English, and Science. Having been on both ends of online learning, she hopes to utilize her experiences as an e-class student to enhance her student’s experience at Logimix. Some examples are prioritizing class collaboration and discussion during sessions, using various interactive online resources to make class enjoyable, and repeating a topic as many times as necessary to ensure every student is following.

She is an enthusiastic educator who can’t wait to spread knowledge and get to know her students! Some of her personal hobbies include baking, meditating, and reading.

Cristian Brestoiu – IT
Cristian Brestoiu

Cristian has an Engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, which was recognized as B.Sc. in Electronics from the University of Toronto Comparative Education in 2000.

While working for a couple of years in the semiconductor industry, he discovered and was attracted by the emerging sector of Information Technology, starting with Intel 8080 computers, and going through C++ programming and relational databases. He created his first website in 1998 and got his Oracle Database certification from Brainbench USA in 2000.

After working 7 years as an Analyst Programmer and Network Administrator for The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, he immigrated to Canada with his family.

He is now working in Toronto as a Sr. Analyst Programmer for an IT company, developing and maintaining the Accounting, System and Reports modules of its Enterprise software.

His main interests, besides being with his family and friends, levitate towards Astronomy, Quantum Physics, Psychology, Personal development, Yoga, Puzzles & Jokes.

“The only way to LEARN Mathematics is to DO Mathematics”